Trio Camp 2016

After our trip to Italy, NUSSO did not have much time to rest. The next few days after the tour was spent on preparing for Trio Camp 2016, an annual music orientation camp jointly organised by three of CFA’s music groups—namely NUSSO, NUS Jazz Band, and NUS Wind Symphony—which is catered towards incoming freshmen interested in joining a music group in NUS.

On the 8th of July, Trio Camp 2016 finally began with a friendly ice breaking session, which were then followed by presentations about CFA and the music groups involved in the camp. The highlight of the day, particularly, amidst the round of exciting day and night orientation games, as well as preparation for the camp’s customary skit performance, was the camp’s very first group experience session with NUS Jazz Band, where players received a glimpse of Jazz’s characteristic improvisational and syncopation techniques.

The second day of the camp opened with a wonderful rhythm workshop, where we were taught efficient and creative ways to improve our sense of rhythm and tempo, as well as the long awaited group experience session for NUS Wind Symphony and NUSSO. Here, we were overjoyed to see both new and old faces playing new pieces by John Williams—Themes from Jurassic Park and Harry Potter—and our two beloved pieces from our Italy tour repertoire, The Barber of Seville Overture and Beethoven’s Symphony no. 5. Next up after the exhilarating experience session were more skit rehearsals and a lovely buffet dinner before the presentation of Trio Camp’s skit performances, which this year included music played by our very own musicians, and of course, gasps and laughter by members of the audience!

All good things need to come to an end, however, and so did Trio Camp the next morning, after a masterclass session for Strings, Brasses, Woodwinds, and Saxophones by our talented music tutors.

Overall the music experience sessions were a blast and we hope that the camp will serve lasting memories in each participant. Looking forward to Trio Camp 2017!

For more information about Trio Camp, please visit


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