Music For Curious Minds

Saturday, 26 March 2016, 8pm

NUS University Cultural Centre Concert Hall

Lim Soon Lee, Music Director
Kimberly Lo, Violin
Lim Chun, Viola


BRAHMS – Academic Festive Overture Op. 80
BRUCH – Double Concerto in E Minor Op. 88 for Violin (Clarinet) and Viola
BERLIOZ – Symphonie Fantastique
Encore – Forrest Gump Suite

As part of the NUS Arts Festival 2016, the NUS Symphony Orchestra took the stage with this year’s concert Music For Curious Minds. In line with the theme of “Wonder”, we explored pieces that were at the forefront of their time.

We opened the evening with Brahm’s Academic Festive Overture Op. 80. This piece was initially composed as a joke to fulfill a University’s request for Brahms to write “a fine symphony” as a musical “thank you” to them. The piece eventually became one of his most well known pieces with the application of some of Brahms’ finest orchestral techniques.

The second piece of the evening was Bruch’s Double Concerto for Violin and Viola. At a tender age of 15 years old, 2013 National Piano and Violin Competition winner Kimberly Lo impressed the audience together with renowned violist Lim Chun. The two local artists complemented each other well and earned cheers from the audience.

The final piece was Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique. Written when he was under the influence of opium, the original score calls for over 90 instruments, the most of any symphony written to that time. The hallucinatory nature of the piece was initially disliked by audiences, but over time, grew to be one of the most brilliant pieces written.

The orchestra closed the night with an encore of the Forrest Gump suite which serves as a reminder of our aspirations and dreams.


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