Tune In + December Camp 2013

11-13 December 2013

University Town, PR2

NUSSO held its annual end-of-year camp from 11th to 13th December 2013. The three-day camp encompassed a wide variety of activities which focused on enhancing the musicians’ musical skills, building up a sense of cohesion and unity, as well as promoting NUSSO to potential members.


Professional trainers were invited to conduct workshops for NUSSO musicians. The trainers were experts in singing. Although the topics covered in the workshops were not directly related to orchestral instruments, the workshops helped NUSSO musicians to gain exposure to other types of performing arts and thus increase their breadth of knowledge and gain deeper appreciation for the arts in general. Furthermore, members from other CFA music groups such as the Chinese Orchestra and Wind Symphony also attended the workshops, thus giving NUSSO an opportunity to network with and maintain good relations with other CFA groups.


Various masterclasses were held for the musicians, in order to develop their musicianship skills through professional guidance. The masterclasses were conducted by professional musicians from the local scene, thus ensuring that NUSSO members received thorough and useful training that would develop their ability to perform in the orchestra.


The aim of “Tune-In”, an annual event organized by NUSSO, is to reach out to potential members. Tune-In was incorporated into the December camp, and it was an integral and significant part of the camp. Over 20 musicians from various Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and other post-Secondary institutions participated in this event. Through Tune-In, these potential members were given information about NUSSO’s history, concerts and conductors, as well as the role of NUSSO and other CFA groups in NUS. Participants also had the opportunity to interact with NUSSO musicians through orientation, games and food. In addition, the participants were also given the privilege of joining a rehearsal with NUSSO’s conductor, Maestro Lim Soon Lee, during which both the present members and potential members made music together. This allowed participants to experience what it was like to be a musician of NUSSO. Thus, Tune-In 2013 was an effective publicity effort for NUSSO, succeeding in promoting the orchestra to musicians who would potentially become NUSSO members themselves.


After a long day of rehearsals and workshops, our members were glad to have the chance to wind down and gather for a fun barbecue held at the rooftop of the Education Resource Centre in Utown. There were a lot of delicious food such as fried rice chicken wings. After the barbecue, the highlight of the night was toasting marshmallows by the charcoal, and it was a great time to bond and talk together. After the barbecue, members headed back to their rooms at the Utown residences, and continued heart-to-heart talks and bonding, which brought everyone closer as fellow musicians and friends.

2013’s NUSSO camp was certainly a huge success and a blast for everyone involved. We look forward to getting more signups for Tune-In for 2014’s edition, and having even more fun together as an orchestra this December!


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