Miniatures 2014

Wed, Jan 15, 2014, 8pm

University Cultural Centre Theatre

Miniatures 2014 was anything but its namesake this year. Organised for NUSSO members to take a break from a large orchestra setting by forming smaller chamber groups, Miniatures was conceived to allow musicians the liberty of choosing and performing their favourite pieces in a relaxed and intimate setting. Chamber music traditionally requires a great deal of collaboration and understanding amongst musicians. Working without a conductor, groups not only have to be proficient in their parts, they also have to listen and interact with fellow musicians in order to engage their audiences.  It is a reflection of such strong bonds of friendship shared between NUSSO members, that this year saw a record number of musicians stepping forward to perform.

13 groups presented us an eclectic mix of works ranging from the classical, romantic, jazz, new age, and of course, not forgetting the mandatory Joe Hisaishi piece or two. (PS: There were actually five such pieces) Nevertheless, it was the percussion quartet performing the Aeolian Quartet by Shinichi Kaneda that stole the show. Showing that percussion instruments too can hold a tune, the marimba presents a beautiful melody in the middle section, and in conjunction with the vibraphone, timpani and drums, concludes with a fast paced, explosive march. These four percussionists brought to a rousing finish what was arguably the most successful Miniatures concert to date.


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