Journey to Vienna


30th June, 2013

Stephen Riady Centre Auditorium 2, NUS University Town

Our pre-tour concert was held on 30th June 2013, at the Stephen Riady Centre Auditorium 2 at NUS University Town. This concert was held for NUSSO to showcase our Vienna tour repertoire to our loved ones in Singapore. It was a cosy event, where we played repertoire ranging from classical pieces like Johann Strauss II’s Voices of Spring, and Antonín Dvořák’s New World Symphony 4th movement, to local pieces like “Danses Joyeuses”, and even a contemporary Chinese piece, Dance of the Yao.

Our guests of honour were no other than Low Shao Ying and Low Shao Suan, the pair of sisters who composed one of our competition pieces “Danses Joyeuses”

Many graced the occasion to show us their support and it was a meaningful evening as we accepted the well-wishes of our families and friends for the competition.


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